Gear-change indicator  

The gear-change indicator indicates with an arrow when it is more economical to change gear. The engine control unit performs all the calculations required for optimal engine running in the vehicle. It calculates the best gear for every driving situation based on the information it gathers. This means the vehicle is travelling from the best possible operating point and fuel is being used efficiently.

Image of gear-change indicator in the VW Golf’s multifunction display

Gesture control  

Gesture control makes it easier and more convenient to operate infotainment systems with the right equipment. A whole range of menu options can be activated using a single gesture. For instance, a single movement of the hand is all it takes to skip between radio stations.

A man sits in a VW Golf and controls the on-board computer using a hand movement

Global positioning system (GPS)  

How does the navigation system find the way? In order for the electronic pathfinder to give the right driving suggestions, it needs the global positioning system (GPS). In this system, originally built for military purposes, 24 satellites orbit the earth in exact pathways. These satellites sends constant signals that are measured by GPS receivers. Determining the exact position with an accuracy of around ten metres requires the signals from three satellites to be received. The navigation system implements this information, in conjunction with saved roadmaps, in its travel suggestions.

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Image of the navigation system in the on-board computer of a VW Passat

Green electricity

Green electricity is certified CO2-free electricity from renewable sources, such as solar, wind or hydroelectric plants. 

Illustration of a landscape with solar, wind and hydropower plant

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