Quasi-monovalent drive 

Quasi-monovalent concepts run primarily on natural gas, but also have a petrol tank as a mobility reserve with a maximum of 15 litres capacity. Exclusively at outside temperatures lower than minus 10 degrees and immediately after filling with CNG, a petrol-based start is necessary. After a short time, the vehicle switches to running on gas, once the conditions for smooth natural gas operation are met.

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Schematic diagram of the quasi-monovalent drive in a Volkswagen

Quick-charging with CCS /
High-Power-Charging / DC charging

CCS charging (Combined Charging System) is the standard for quick charging in Europe. The CCS charging stations specifically designed for this combine AC and DC charging with a high charging capacity in a single system. With DC charging, the alternating current is converted into AC power outside the vehicle, for instance in the charging station. The benefit of this is that a higher output is possible and the charging processes are automatically shortened by this.

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