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Get expert car advice from our Volkswagen Technician.

Get expert car advice from our Volkswagen Technician.

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We’ve partnered with LEGO® so that we can share our expertise, bring awareness around the latest service offerings, and showcase the quality of Volkswagen Care service, all through our new Volkswagen Technician.


There are 5 things to know about your Volkswagen & its parts:

  1. You get 2 years parts warranty,
  2. 12 years corrosion warranty on body parts,
  3. and 3 years paint warranty.
  4. Your Volkswagen's genuine body parts are manufactured with correct thickness to ensure safety and energy absorption in the event of a collision.
  5. It's genuine parts are designed and manufactured to fit your vehicle perfectly.


Explore our FAQs below:

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Know your exhaust system
Simple guide to tire maintenance

Know your VW: FAQs

  • Why you need to buy Volkswagen parts from a certified Volkswagen Dealership?

  • What you should know about your Volkswagen's Exhaust System

  • A simple guide to tire maintenance:

  • Top 3 reasons to buy and install genuine Volkswagen accessories:

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