A black Volkswagen Golf 5 GTI with red details in a desert

The page for Golf 5 fans: Highlights, handy tips & offers.

The page for Golf 5 fans: Highlights, handy tips & offers.

From the Golf V Trendline to special models like the Golf V Goal or United: The Golf V combines comfort and safety with dynamism and driving pleasure. The BlueMotion version heralds the trend for particularly economic models. Whether it's Trendline, Comfortline, Sportline or individually configured: You'll find everything you need to know about the Golf V, right here.

An overview of the whole Golf 5 family

Golf V for everyone: With 4 petrol and 3 diesel engines to choose from, you'll be on the right track both in the city and out on the open road, with an engine performance ranging from 55 kW (75 hp) to 184 kW (250 hp). You'll find the most important Golf V models here.

Golf V highlights

A white Volkswagen Golf 5 GTI in front of rocks – VW Golf V highlights

For the very best cornering, the Golf V comes up trumps with the newly developed four-link rear suspension – and it will keep on surprising you with many more highlights.

Dynamism: Your Golf V handles tight curves beautifully and barely tilts – thanks to the four-link rear suspension. It also reacts to uneven roads with greater accuracy – and there’s one more thing you’ll sense: pure driving pleasure.

Driving comfort: The optimised McPherson front axle in your Volkswagen ensures a comfortable and safe drive. Separately mounted shock absorbers and springs absorb any bumps and impacts. Plus, the generous vehicle interior provides you with plenty of room and comfort, even on longer journeys.

Infotainment: Thanks to the radio navigation system with dynamic route guidance via RDS TMC, you not only have a constant view of the road, but you can also listen to your favourite song along the way. The CD changer for up to six CDs guarantees hours of entertainment.

A yellow Volkswagen Golf 5 GTI on a racetrack with Pirelli advertising in the background
The interior of a VW Golf 5 with checkered seat covers and various comfort and technical highlights

Safety: The new electromechanical power steering in your car is adaptive, recognises the driving situation and, if necessary, can support your steering. Along with the stable vehicle body, up to eight airbags, ABS and an Electronic Stabilisation Programme turn your Golf V into your own personal bodyguard.

Comfort features: Each of our special features gives your Golf V a personal touch. Create even more space with a load-through hatch in the backrest or make yourself extra comfortable with heated seats.

Technical features: The “Plus” multi-function display provides you with important information during your journey. The “Light and Vision” Package makes sure you can see everything going on around you, and the rain sensor will automatically activate your wipers the second it feels the first drop.

Design: A wide track, large wheels and the sporty details on the vehicle body give your Golf a dynamic look. But beauty alone is not enough: numerous design elements also make your journey more comfortable. An example: the lane change assist warning lamp.

Service intervals for your Golf 5

We operate with two types of service interval: fixed and flexible. The question of which type is for you depends on your Golf V equipment – either Part I of the Registration Certificate (the vehicle registration document) or your Volkswagen Partner can tell you which type applies to you.

Avoid any damages to the vehicle technology by sticking to our recommended intervals. Take advantage of our Inspection Service, during which your Volkswagen from model years 04–07 will be meticulously checked by professionals.

A VW service employee doing a inspection in a workshop – Golf 5 service intervals

When is it time for the next service?

The intervals for your Golf:

  • Interval Service (with oil change) – flexible up to a maximum of two years
  • Inspection Service (without an oil change) after 60,000 km or three years, then every 60,000 km or every four years

Do you want to benefit from the LongLife Mobility Guarantee? Then stick to the maintenance intervals – rapid assistance will always be on hand, for no extra charge. Read more about our comprehensive service offering within the range of Read more about our comprehensive service offering within the range of Repair and Service.

The right tyre size for your Golf 5

Your tyres have to match your Golf V to ensure a good driving experience – and with the protection of insurance. How do you find the right size? Simply compare the information on your certification document with the numbers on the tyres.

The following information generally applies for all Golf 5 models:

  • Tyre width: between 195 and 225 mm
  • Height-width ratio: between 40 and 65%
  • Rim diameter: between 15 and 18"

And where can you find this information on the tyres? Check out our tyre knowledge page to find out.

The right rims for your Golf 5

With our rims, your Golf V will steal the limelight – but of course, they have to be the right fit and officially approved.

The following information generally applies for all Golf 5 models:

  • Rim width: between 5.5 and 7.5"
  • Rim type: J
  • Rim diameter: between 15 and 17"
  • Rim offset: between 47 and 50 mm
  • Number of screws: five

Tip: The larger the rims, the shorter the distance to your wheel recesses – it’s often too short for snow chains. Ask your Volkswagen Partner about the maximum size with which you can use snow chains on your Golf V.

And where can you find this information on the rim? Check out our rim knowledge pages to find out.

Accessories for your Golf V

With our Volkswagen Genuine Accessories, your Volkswagen will be truly personalised. Be inspired and find the right products for your Golf 5.

The Golf as a new vehicle

With our configurator, you can build your Golf exactly as you want it.