An orange VW Golf 6 parks on a promenade in front of a shore

Spotlight on the Golf 6: Everything you need to know about the Golf 5K

Spotlight on the Golf 6: Everything you need to know about the Golf 5K

From Trendline to Highline, from the Golf 6 BlueMotion to the Golf 6 Style: The Golf VI (2008–2012) offers a range of models to meet the most diverse of needs. Learn more about the highlights here and pick up some handy tips on your model.

An overview of the whole Golf 6 5K family

The Golf is Germany’s most popular car, with 20 engine models on offer – from 59 kW (80 hp) to 199 kW (270 hp). Alongside the Golf 6 models, you’ll find information on the sportier models right here, such as the Golf GTD, GTI or the dynamic R-Line.

Golf 6 highlights

A VW Golf 6 5k with a detailed view of the LED headlights

It comes out on top with a range of details and technical sophistication – enjoy the highlights of the Golf VI.

Golf 6 R-Line: With the “R-Line” Equipment Package for Trendline, Comfortline and Highline, you cover any distance in even more sporty and exclusive style. For example with a radiator grille with “Black” paintwork, roof spoilers or the 17" “Mallory” alloy rims.

Golf 6 technology: Lower consumption, less CO2, same driving pleasure: Thanks to BlueMotion technologies such as the start/stop system or energy recovery. Or as the 1.6 TDI, TSI or liquefied petroleum gas-driven BiFuel Golf.

Assistance systems in the Golf 6: Your Golf VI lends a helping hand with its intelligent assistance systems: The optional adaptive chassis control DCC reacts automatically to the situation and the road. And to you: With simply the push of a button, you decide how convenient or how sporty your drive should be.

A silver Volkswagen Golf 6 with assistance systems and multimedia systems in a desert
The rear view of a silver VW Golf 6 TSI

Infotainment: With your destination in front of you and your favourite song in your ear, you’re in for a more relaxed journey: The multimedia systems in your Golf VI. Depending on the equipment, with voice command, handsfree mode, DVD player and much more.

Volkswagen Exclusive: How do you fancy the “Salamanca” alloy wheels, or maybe the sporty “Bilbao” model? Give your Golf VI a very special touch.

Comfort: With a rear view camera system, Electronic Stabilisation Programme and airbags at both the sides and front, as well as for the knees and head, you can enjoy a relaxed drive in the Golf 6.

Design: From the striking shape of the wheels to the dual exhaust pipe – the design gives a hint as to how much power is hidden under the bonnet of the Golf 6. Compared to its predecessors, it’s a little smaller but yet more grown up – as reflected in the defined lines, for instance.


Inspection intervals for your Golf 6

Depending on the vehicle equipment and operating conditions, the inspection of your Golf 6 will either be a fixed service or a flexible service. An inspection includes all maintenance work that is necessary to keep your car safe, both in terms of operational safety and traffic safety.

A VW service employee measures the oil level of a yellow Volkswagen – inspection intervals of a Golf 6

The following points are checked:

  • Electronics
  • Engine
  • Gearbox
  • Running gear
  • Vehicle body

Our service appointments will alternate between appointments with an oil change (e.g. Interval Service) and appointments without an oil change (e.g. Inspection Service). Your service interval display only tells you about the service appointments that include an oil change.

When is it time for the next service?

  • Interval Service (with oil change): flexible up to a maximum of two years
  • Inspection Service (without an oil change): after 60,000 km or three years, then every 60,000 km or every two years*

*Depending on which occurs first

Do you want to benefit from the LongLife Mobility Guarantee? Then stick to the maintenance intervals – rapid assistance will always be on hand, for no extra charge. Read more about our comprehensive service offering within the range of Repair and Service.

A VW service employee is doing an inspection in a workshop – Golf 6 service intervals

Golf 6 tyre sizes

The tyre size must fit with your Golf VI. That way, you’ll be driving with the protection of your insurance. How do you find the right size? Simply compare the information on your certification document with the numbers on the tyres.

A detailed view of a tyre tread – the right tyre size for a Volkswagen Golf 6

The following information generally applies for all Golf 6 models:

  • Tyre width: between 195 and 240 mm
  • Height-width ratio: between 35 and 65%
  • Tyre and rim diameter: 15 to 19"

And where can you find this information on the tyres? Check out our tyre knowledge page to find out.

Golf 6 rims

Would you prefer the 6.0 J x 16, ET 48, LK 112/5 rims or 8.5 J x 19, ET59, LK130/5? Even though if may look complicated upon first glance: Finding the right rims for your Golf VI is not rocket science. The numbers tell you everything about the bolt pattern, offset, type and number of screws of a model.

A detailed view of a Volkswagen Golf VI wheel with brand tyres and VW rim

The special R and “Edition 35” models can be driven with a rim diameter of 19". Apart from that, the following points generally apply for all other Golf 6 models:

  • Rim width 5.5 and 7.5"
  • Rim type: J
  • Rim diameter: between 15 and 18"
  • Rim offset: between 47 and 54 mm
  • Bolt pattern: diameter of 112"
  • Number of screws: five

Tip: The larger the rims, the shorter the distance to your wheel recesses – it’s often too short for snow chains. Ask your Volkswagen Partner about the maximum size with which you can use snow chains on your Golf VI.

And where can you find this information on the rims? Check out our rim knowledge page to find out.

Current accessories for the Golf 6    

Customise your Golf down to the finest detail: Get inspired by our accessories.

The Golf as a new vehicle

With our configurator, you can build your Golf exactly as you want.