A family packs its blue VW car for the holiday - travel arrangements

Well prepared on the road: Our tips for going on holiday by car and packing safely

Well prepared on the road: Our tips for going on holiday by car and packing safely

Your trip should be just perfect. We think so, too. Our tips will enable you to make ideal preparations for yourself and your Volkswagen.

More weight – less control

An overloaded car skids more easily and is more difficult to steer and brake. No need to worry: Our checklist will ensure that you don’t let it get that far.


  • Read up on the permitted total weight in the vehicle registration document or your Owner's Manual
  • Take your passengers' weight into account
  • Weigh heavy luggage, observe permissible load
  • Balance! Distribute the weight evenly
  • Increase tyre pressure if you have a lot of luggage
  • Secure the luggage
  • Adjust your headlight setting (see Owner's Manual) 

* Our checklists do not claim to be complete and are therefore not exhaustive.

How to pack safely

A silver VW vehicle with a folded down seat and open luggage compartment – packing correctly

Seats as supports

Don’t fold the seats over. They are an important support – best bolstered by diagonally buckled belts.

A grey VW car with a bike rack from Volkswagen Accessories – ready for travelling

Create space for yourself

Secure sports equipment, such as skis or bikes, on special carrier systems or in a roof box.

The interior of a Volkswagen with a stable grill from VW Genuine Accessories

A grille for high stackers.

Use a robust luggage compartment grille if you load above the height of the rear seatback.

A silver VW vehicle with open luggage compartment packed safely with a lot of luggage

Heavy things at the bottom – light things at the top

 Pack heavy things at the bottom and, where possible, directly against the seat back. Light things go on top.


A Volkswagen car with clear back and open door – travel arrangements

Keep the back free

Don’t place objects over 25 kg on the rear seat or behind people, but preferably in the footwell. Make sure that no luggage is unsecured.

A first aid kit and a warning triangle from Volkswagen Accessories in the luggage compartment of a car

Keep important items within reach

High-visibility vests, a first-aid kit, a warning triangle and other important items should always be within easy reach.

A few grams -  Full force in the event of an impact.

Even if you have a collision at just 50 km/h, unsecured objects will fly forward with about 50 times their weight.

Illustration of the weight of objects in case of an accident at 50 km/h

Off to a good start: check

The countdown is on. Five minutes to go to the start. The perfect time to think again: Have you got the most important things on board and is the house well prepared? Our checklist enables you to keep tabs on everything and allows you to have much more space in your mind to look forward to the journey.

First aid kit

Everything that is important for your health in pocket size: A good first aid kit means that you are ideally prepared for small and major challenges when on the road. We reveal how to equip your small pharmacy before starting out and everything that needs to be included.

Image of red Volkswagen first aid kit  with scissors and bandages

Have you included everything?

  • Painkillers
  • Anti-allergy medicine and calmatives (stings, jellyfish contact, sunburn)
  • Sunscreen
  • Wound disinfectants
  • Anti-diarrhoea medicine
  • Plasters, gauze and elastic bandages
  • Tweezers, scissors
  • Fever thermometer
  • Eye drops
  • Cough and sore throat medicine

* Our checklists do not claim to be complete and are therefore not exhaustive.

Perfect seat

This is how to find the right sitting position. More comfort. Reduced risk of injury. Little effort. With the right sitting position you are travelling more comfortable, relaxed and at the same time safer. So quickly check, if everything is perfectly in place.

A VW service employee checks fluids of a yellow VW car during Vehicle Check in a workshop

Vehicle Safety Check - Safety with a certificate and in next to no time.

We check your Volkswagen from the engine through to the brakes – in the Express Service as well. Result: Good value retention.. And, of course, the good feeling that comes from being safer on the road.

A young couple enjoying their time together, in the foreground is a Volkswagen VISA card

Flexible all over the world

The mobile Volkswagen VISA card with travel insurance package.

A turquoise VW car with roof box – Volkswagen Accessories transport systems

More room for the important things

Transport systems from Volkswagen – please contact your dealer for further information.