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White Volkswagen CC

Volkswagen CC

Charisma and charm: The Volkswagen CC.

The first impression can never be repeated. But it can be confirmed a thousand times over.

Assistance systems

Experience effective support. Supreme refinement manifests itself in those things that give you peace of mind: the assistance systems aboard the Volkswagen CC add to your safety and driving comfort.

  • Let your car do the parking!

    There's no longer any need to be daunted by tight parking spots, as the "Park Assist" system makes parking the Volkswagen CC a whole lot easier.

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  • Helps by giving you eyes in the back of your head.

    The "Rear Assist" enables you to spot any obstacles that are behind your Volkswagen CC with a single glance, courtesy of the camera built into the vehicle's rear.

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  • Arrive at your destination safe and sound.

    Nodding off at the wheel can have disastrous consequences, so the fatigue detection system actively helps to prevent it from happening.

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Comfort and convenience

Enjoy comfort for highly discerning tastes.

  • Gives you a hand when you don't have any free.

    A hugely practical feature when you don't have a hand free: the sensor-controlled "Easy Open" system allows you to open the tailgate with a flick of the foot.

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  • Take a seat for your massage.

    The longer you're travelling for, the more important a good seat is. The optional active climate-controlled seat with massage function goes a long way towards ensuring a relaxed, comfortable drive.

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  • Plenty of room for five.

    The Volkswagen CC offers more room than you would expect from a coupé. A fifth passenger can also be accommodated in comfort on the rear bench seat.

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  • Your car has been expecting you.

    Convenience comes at the push of a button in the Volkswagen CC: the "Keyless Access" system allows you to unlock your coupé without even having the key in your hand. Starting the engine is just as straightforward.

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Discover the dynamism that makes driving fun.

  • Immense drive power and efficient performance.

    Dynamism underpinned by high-performance engineering: this is what's offered by the more fuel-optimised TSI engines in the Volkswagen CC.

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  • Drive with passion and a cool head.

    Even greater dynamism: the sports suspension lends itself to a particularly keen – yet safe – driving style.

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  • Any way you please!

    Adapt the Volkswagen CC to suit the driving situation by choosing between a sporty, a more comfortable or the standard chassis set-up. All at the simple touch of a button.

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  • Challenge accepted. And mastered.

    Relish every turn in the road: the electronic differential lock XDS helps you with precision brake control for enhanced traction.

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Be inspired by sophisticated engineering.

  • See your surroundings in the best possible light.

    Optimum visibility requires the best possible illumination of the road ahead: that's why the Volkswagen CC comes as standard with bi-xenon headlights for dipped and main beam.

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  • Special moments shouldn't be interrupted.

    All the engines offered for the Volkswagen CC come with the DSG dual-clutch gearbox as standard: you'll begin to appreciate its attraction after just a few metres.

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  • Always easily reachable.

    The ideal driving companion: the "Premium" mobile phone preparation makes mobile communication out on the road safe and simple.

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  • Take the direct route.

    Not only does the navigation system guide you straight to your destination in the Volkswagen CC, it keeps you highly entertained on the way too.

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