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Comfort & Mobility.

Comfort & Mobility.

Comfort & Mobility.

Appointments diary full? We will see to it that your Volkswagen is nevertheless serviced and you remain mobile – with Our services relating to all aspects of your convenience.

Volkswagen Express Service stopwatch with checkered racing flag in background

Express Service.

Maximum quality in no more than one hour.

Our services

Good service not only renders your Volkswagen safer, it also makes your life a bit easier. That's why we also carry out many checks and repairs for you in the Express Service. That means: You just come along to us and are served quickly – no need for an appointment.

Your benefits

  • Favourably priced.
    Thanks to all-inclusive prices.
  • High-quality.
    Volkswagen Genuine Parts®, know-how plus high quality standards.


Volkswagen Car Care Service Bonzai tree in white pot with trimming shears nearby

Car Care Service.

We clean and take care of your Volkswagen for you.

Our services

Protect your time, your hands and the many sensitive materials in your Volkswagen: We will make your vehicle really shine – using Volkswagen Genuine Cleaning and Care Products, which are tailored exactly to your surfaces, protect the paintwork, do not attack instruments and almost turn back the clock a little: to the first day with your Volkswagen.

Your benefits

  • Tailored to your Volkswagen.
    Thanks to the right cleaning agents.
  • For that first-day shine.
    Thanks to our knowledge as manufacturers.
  • Right for your needs.
    From basic cleaning to complete care.


Selection of cards displaying red VW Up, white Volkwagen Beetle, black Touareg and Ice Blue Golf vehicles

Replacement Vehicle Service.

Full mobility without stress.

Our services

Our Replacement Vehicle Service keeps you mobile even at times when your Volkswagen is not parked in your garage, without long decision channels. But with up-to-date and well-maintained models, which offer you a comfortable driving experience. Quite possible that, in the end, you won't want to hand your replacement vehicle back.

Your benefits

  • Comfortable.
    Thanks to up-to-date and well-maintained replacement vehicles.
  • Less stress.
    No complicated formalities. No additional effort or need to go to the rental car service.


Volkswagen Pick-Up and Delivery Service displayed as a Blue Volkswagen Golf served under a silver dinner cloche

Pick-Up and Delivery Service.

We will take your Volkswagen to the service.

Our services

How does this sound? We pick your Volkswagen up at yours before a service or repair appointment and then drop it back off – at your work or at home. Or you drive your Volkswagen to us and we take you back. Does this appeal to you? If so, just book our Pick-Up and Delivery Service for your next appointment. 

Your benefits

  • Flexible.
    Freely selectable pick-up and return location.
  • Complete convenience.
    Combined with the Replacement Vehicle Service.


No matter when your Volkswagen was first registered – since 1 January 2007, you have been able to return any vehicle free of charge. However, it needs to fulfil a number of conditions.

  • It had been registered in the EU for at least one month before you de-registered it.
  • It is complete (including engine, gearbox, steering equipment and all other components).
  • It is not laden with waste or parts extraneous to the vehicle.
  • You return it together with the original registration document or a comparable EU licensing document.