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The New Touareg

A new generation of SUV.

The self-confident linear design of the new Touareg evinces a unique presence. Attractive features like LED Matrix headlights and the Innovision Cockpit take enhanced comfort, driving experience and enthusiasm to a new level. 

Equipment lines

Which style appeals most to you?  Warm wood and leather tones or sporty detailing? You’ll be demonstrating your style with the “Trendline”, “Comfortline” and “Highline” trims or the R-Line package, regardless of which one you choose.

Which style appeals most to you: a cool high-tech look, warm wood and leather tones or sporty detailing? You’ll be demonstrating your style with the “Elegance”, “Atmosphere” or R-Line, equipment lines, regardless of which one you choose.

Caresses your senses.

"Trendline, Comfortline and Highline“ trims.

The Touareg “Atmosphere” is uncompromising in terms of its exquisite materials and exceptional comfort.

A striking and dynamic presence.

“R-Line” equipment line

The sporty new Touareg takes challenges in its stride and the “R-Line” package underscores this characteristic, inside and out.


The Touareg is setting new benchmarks with its expressive and futuristic design. The wealth of individual design options in the interior simply cannot fail to impress.

Discover new tracks.


Style redesigned: powerful front with elongated bonnet, sharply contoured side lines, striking LED tail light clusters – the new Touareg fuses SUV with elegance and dynamism.

After all, no one likes a ‘dazzler’.

LED-Matrix headlights

Glare-free illumination in almost all situations: LED Matrix headlights with advanced main-beam control lights up the road further ahead more brightly, without distracting other road users in your vicinity.

  • Black Style package

    Make a striking statement with the optional Black Style design package.

    Transform your Touareg R-Line into a real eye-catcher: the Black Style design package* makes your car’s exterior even more expressive.

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  • Tilting and sliding panoramic sunroof

    A clear view of your next adventure.

    The tilting and sliding panoramic sunroof creates an impressive feeling of space and a pleasant lighting ambience in the interior of your Touareg. Fresh air, a clear view of the sky and a feeling of boundless freedom conveniently at the touch of a button.

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  • Wheels

    Wheels to love. Design to motivate.

    The Touareg has the wheels to suit every taste: from dynamically sporty to stylishly elegant – the wheels blend perfectly with its exterior appearance and contribute to the unmistakeable presence of your Touareg.

  • Decorative trims

    What kind of trim type are you?

    The atmosphere in the interior of your Touareg is strongly influenced by its interior trim. Choose from different specification lines on request, which lend the interior of your vehicle even more individuality and personality.

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The Innovision Cockpit is one of the highlight features of the Touareg. The wide, curved screen with brilliant display offers a uniquely clear layout for the driver and an intuitive operating concept.

Enjoy a new dimension of Infotainment.

Discover Premium


The “Discover Premium” navigation system enters a new dimension: As a part of the Innovision Cockpit, its huge 15 inch touch display allows it to display more information and provide a wealth of functions.


The highest level of comfort awaits you. Lord over the road in your Touareg and enjoy the pleasantly spacious interior, practical equipment and innovative technology for exceptional everyday driving

Experience a new sense of space.


You and your passengers are sure to feel comfortable, as luxurious design meets exceptional functionality in the Touareg. The spacious luggage compartment and electrically operated rear lid ensure maximum flexibility and outstanding comfort for whatever you have planned.

Flood the interior in your favourite colour.

Ambient lighting

There’s always a particularly comfortable ambience in the Touareg when it gets dark, on account of its white, or on request multicoloured, ambient lighting. With 30 colours, you’ll always drive with the light ambience you want at that moment.

  • "Air Care Climatronic“ air conditioning system

    Because everyone perceives temperatures differently.

    What’s your feel-good temperature? The driver and front passenger can make their settings independently of each other with the standard “Air Care Climatronic” air conditioning system with allergen filter. The optional 4-zone “Climatronic” also takes into account the different needs of the passengers in the passenger compartment.

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  • Easy Open/Easy Close

    Opens totally new possibilities.

    No hands free? The optional “Easy Open” function lets you open the boot lid without having to put anything down. And you only need to press a button to close the boot lid, thanks to “Easy Close”.

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Driver assistance system

The Touareg cannot fail to impress when it comes to technology as well, as it incorporates innovative driver assistance systems installed for the first time in a Volkswagen.

That way you are protected from all sides.

Proactive occupant protection system

Optional proactive occupant protection system can secure you from all sides to protect you and your passengers. If the system identifies a risk of collision, it automatically triggers protection measures, including belt tightening, moving seats into an upright position and closing all windows and the tilting panoramic sunroof.

  • Adaptive Cruise Control ACC

    You drive the best...by a distance.

    The optional Adaptive Cruise Control ACC is by far one of the most useful driver assistance systems. You simply specify your maximum speed and the system helps you to adhere to it and not exceed it, within the limits of the system. Also, a minimum distance is automatically maintained between you and the vehicle in front, within the limits of the system.

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  • Park Assist

    Parking with finesse.

    Park Assist manoeuvres you elegantly into your parking space. All you have to do is operate the accelerator and brake, while the system takes care of the rest, within the limits of the system.

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  • Intersection Assist

    Because you can’t see around corners.

    Blind exits and intersections with poor visibility force drivers to “nose out” slowly. The optional Intersection Assist uses radar technology to help, as it were, to look around corners, within the limits of the system. The system therefore helps to detect crossing vehicles or pedestrians earlier.

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Driving Experience

New technologies give the Touareg exceptional driving characteristics, whether you enjoy driving more sportily or wish to head off-road. 

  • Air suspension

    Always on a high.

    To ensure that there’s no damper on your driving enjoyment, you can also equip the Touareg with comfortable optional air suspension if required. It adapts the height of the body to all terrains.

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  • Offroad package

    You can also conquer challenging terrain.

    Your Touareg is also equipped for the toughest challenges off-road with the optional Offroad package: from stone deflector to extended driving mode selection, to cope with the most diverse terrains with ease.

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You’re perfectly connected in the new Touareg. Enjoy entertainment just as you like it – with outstanding surround sound, on request. Simply operate some radio, navigation and vehicle functions with a gesture. 

  • Navigation

    Navigation can be this easy.

    The standard “Discover Pro” navigation system with its large glazed touchscreen leaves little to be desired. The Touareg also optionally offers the “Discover Premium”, which together with the Digital Cockpit, has a curved display angled towards the driver and a new intuitive operating concept, totally digitalising the cockpit.

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  • Mobile phone interface

    Making communication easier.

    Say goodbye to cable clutter in your car. The optional “Business” mobile phone interface provides excellent reception and the option to inductively charge your smartphones.

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  • App-Connect & Media Control

    There are also apps for your Touareg.

    You can now connect your smartphone to the Infotainment system in the Touareg thanks to App-Connect and thus use a range of apps while driving. Volkswagen Media Control lets your passengers select the channel using their mobile devices.

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