, 2019-01-22 15:18:18
white VW touareg exterior view driving under streetlights at night

Transmissions & drivetrains

Whatever your driving style, you'll find a transmission and drivetrain to suit you.

VW interior view centre console drivers cockpit automatic dual-clutch gearbox (DSG)

Automatic dual-clutch gearbox (DSG)

Easier, relaxed driving

Automatic transmission takes the hard work out of driving, especially when you're crawling along in heavy traffic or on long motorway hauls.


VW interior drivers cockpit Manual transmission

Manual transmissions

For a sportier hands-on drive

Manual transmission lets you take charge and use all the power of the engine for a positive response when you need it.

white VW vehicle right side view on blue background showcasing Automated Shift Gearbox (ASG)

Automated Shift Gearbox (ASG)

Automated Shift Gearbox in the up!

The ASG is an automated manual transmission that combines excellent fuel economy with driving ease.


Blue VW Golf R on road displaying 4MOTION (all wheel drive)

4MOTION (all wheel drive)

Keeps you safely on track

4MOTION gives you great grip on the road, come rain, wind or snow. So, however treacherous the road surface, you get a sure-footed car with huge levels of traction.