, 2019-01-22 15:18:18

Wouldn't it be nice if the world worked like a Volkswagen?

At Volkswagen, we believe that technology is making lives better and less complicated, experience these innovative features in our new models. 

Find out more about the Front Assist feature available in the new Tiguan

Exterior top view of blue and grey VW tiguan models demonstrating Front Assist feature

Traffic ahead is often very unpredictable. In the new Tiguan the optionally available “Front Assist” ambient traffic monitoring system can help you identify early on situations where the distance to the vehicle in front is critical.

Immediate reactions - The optional “Front Assist” ambient traffic monitoring system helps, within the system’s limits, to reduce the stopping distance of your new Tiguan where the distance to other vehicles is critical. The system reacts in two stages: In the first stage the driver is alerted visually and acoustically of a risk of a collision with a vehicle ahead. At the same time the brakes are prepared for emergency braking.

If the driver ignores the warning, a one-time short jolt of the brakes ensues as the second stage. If the driver then applies the brakes, the full brake pressure is available immediately. The system increases the brake pressure if the driver fails to brake hard enough. In situations in which a collision is unavoidable, “Front Assist” automatically brakes your Tiguan within the system’s limits.

Find out more about the Blind Spot Assist feature in the new Golf GTI

Interior view of red VW Golf GTI side mirror demonstrating Blind Spot Assist feature

Blind spot sensor with Rear Traffic Alert -This is how your Golf GTI can help you change lanes and drive out of parking spaces.

If a car is approaching you from the rear and cannot be seen in your exterior or rear view mirror, it is in the dreaded blind spot. Before changing lanes, the trusty glance over the shoulder helps – and now, so does the optional blind spot sensor. From speeds of 15 km/h, the sensor can warn you by illuminating an LED display on the exterior mirror of your Golf. If you still switch on your turn signal, the lights begin to flash brighter and more quickly and draw your attention to the vehicle in your blind spot.

For its part, the Rear Traffic Alert assists you when reversing out of a parking space, within the limits of the system. Sensors in the rear bumper monitor traffic passing at the rear of the vehicle. If another car, a cyclist or a pedestrian is approaching you from the side, you will be warned by means of an acoustic signal and an indication on the Infotainment system display. If you do not react in time, the system can mitigate or even prevent an imminent collision by effecting a braking intervention.


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