, 2017-10-10 18:26:25
Volkswagen vehicle interior


Volkswagen Infotainment Systems: Entertain & guide you.

Share your love of technology with your car. Our accessories turn your car into an interface for modern communication and entertainment media. 

Turns the rear seat into a cinema

Family of four travelling in VW vehicle with children enjoying infotainment system in backseat

"Dad, you're the best!" Cinema fun in the back for your kids and an ace in the hole for you. With the swivelling tablet holders from the travel and convenience system, your children are guaranteed a fun and entertaining trip, and you'll have peace and quiet while you drive. 

MEDIA-IN adapter cable.

Connect external audio sources
Volkswagen MEDIA-IN adapter cable displayed with music player

With the help of the MEDIA-IN adapter cable, you can easily play audio files from your mobile phone or MP3 player over your car stereo speakers.

Specific mobile phone adapter

Volkswagen mobile phone adapter

These special devices are custom-made for your mobile phone and, alongside the perfect hold and hands-free operation, enable you to charge it, too.


Volkswagen LinkKit for mobile phones

The LinkKit for fixing to the centre console of the front passenger side offers a holder for a range of mobile telephones. The folding mechanism of the universal mobile telephone aerial coupling pocket enables the device to be mounted securely and easily removed by pushing the release button. The antenna connector on the pocket enables a connection to a window antenna or external antenna – this considerably improves the quality of the reception and reduces electricity consumption. 

Plug & Play sound system

A rich sound in your car.
Volkswagen Plug & Play sound system shown in boot of red VW vehicle

Our Plug & Play sound system creates a rich sound in your car and can be easily stored in the boot.