, 2020-05-20 14:22:52
Volkswagen vehicle dashboard


It's what's on the inside that counts: More information on the interior equipment of your Volkswagen.

We offer a wide range of Genuine Accessories for your comfort and protection, so you always feel at home behind the wheel of your Volkswagen. 

Floor mats

Volkswagen Floor Mat for Golf

A neat solution in every sense. The floor mats from Volkswagen Accessories offer the highest degree of comfort and protection for the interior of your Volkswagen. 

Practical accessories

Your car is your companion. You want to feel at ease in it. With the range of ideas from Volkswagen Accessories, the interior of your Volkswagen will become your own personal happy place. From the vast array of options, you can select your favourite product on the basis of its design and convenience, creating a truly individual driving experience.

Volkswagen Practical Accessories Espresso Machine

Espresso machine

With this little luxury item, you'll always have the perfect crema to hand – anytime, anywhere.

On the road with children

Whether drifting off to sleep or plenty of space to play: Your child has different needs at every age. That's precisely why we've developed a different child seat for every age.

Volkswagen Coat Hangers and Headrest Hooks

Travelling comfort

Arrive wrinkle-free: With the original coat hangers and headrest hooks from Volkswagen Accessories.

Make your trip a real pleasure

With this innovative modular travel and convenience system, important objects are within easy reach or easily operated by the passengers seated in the rear seat. The system comprises a base module that is fixed between the front seat headrest bars and various additional modules, available separately. The additional modules are attached to the base module and are easily changed

Luggage compartment solutions

The luggage compartment solutions from Volkswagen Accessories are as versatile as they are innovative. They also provide effective protection against dirt and moisture.