Volkswagen Teramont: Best-selling model becomes icon in the Middle East

June 21, 2020
  • Built for families to explore the world’s beauty, drawing on the original Volkswagen Microbus legacy
  • With family in its DNA, the Teramont is the best-selling model across the Middle East, accounting for a third of overall sales

United Arab Emirates - 21 June 2020 

Volkswagen first built the Teramont, known as the Atlas in Tennessee, America, with family and exploration in mind. The car’s genes hold Volkswagen’s performance and legacy while it’s DNA seamlessly fits with family life, in many ways forming an extension of the home. It is no surprise then, that the Teramont has become an iconic car in the Middle East and is now the best-selling model across the region representing almost a third *(32%) of overall sales for the brand.

Seventy years ago, the iconic Volkswagen Microbus was launched and has been fondly associated with love and a real sense of adventure ever since – especially with families. Drawing on this legacy, the brand then introduced the Atlas in America in 2016 with spacious adventures in mind. A vast country with a spectrum of terrain to explore, a love of driving and discovery is part of American culture and everyday lifestyle. It therefore makes sense that the Atlas became the ultimate family car, and this was reflected in Volkswagen sales across the USA, accounting for 22% in 2019. 

With the high number of large families in the Middle East, the need for a larger, reliable car also exists. Enter Volkswagen’s 7-seater Teramont - the bold and beautiful car that has not only delivered on simplicity and well-balanced comfort but has quite simply, become a home on wheels for many families living in the region.

“Atlas, as it is called in the U.S., has showed us what can be achieved when we purposefully build a vehicle for a market,” says Hein Schafer, Senior Vice President of Product Marketing and Strategy for Volkswagen of America, Inc. “This 7-seater has been immensely successful in one of the most important segments in our U.S. market—midsize SUVs—and helped bring our SUV share to over 50% of sales. We are also delighted this vehicle is proving its value in other global regions and we look forward to building on this success in years to come.”

“Like the U.S. market, people in the Middle East love to discover new on-road experiences and the Teramont allows them to do exactly that on all types of terrain. With a true understanding of our customer’s needs locally, we knew that the Teramont would be an iconic model here and especially with families. The sales records speak for themselves, and we look forward to continuing to offer the Teramont across the Middle East and introducing an enhanced edition early next year.” Commented Victor Dalmau, Managing Director for Volkswagen Middle East.

At more than 5 meters long, the higher wheelbase of the Teramont results in a larger interior space that gives easy third-row access and an extended boot space. Engineered for comfort, the car’s cushioned and ventilated seating is coupled with 3-zone climate control and the Teramont’s cockpit is truly digital, a reflection on the brand’s commitment to digital innovation. Personalised settings can be configured for the whole car for each individual, while parents can also control media and App connect to two tablets via the 8-inch main display.

The Teramont is an all-round family car – perfect for those who need that little bit more space for everyday living. Whether you’re the driver or a passenger, this car offers an exciting digital experience, and one that reflects Volkswagen’s commitment to innovation.